The Atelier

A Workshop or studio especially used by an artist or designer.

Situated within the great expanse which is the Ex Nihilo Estate one will locate The Atelier. A picturesque structure surrounded by lush olive groves, showered in natural sunlight. The surrounding vineyards and Stellenbosch Mountains magnificently coincide with this clear venue, a space that provides an atmosphere of vibrant efflorescence and eluded sanctuary.

Natural forms of illumed energy truly encompass this venue, where one can find an escape to sights of tranquillity enclosed within the flourishing landscape.

The Atelier accommodates several forms of occasions with ease, approximately 160pax for cocktail standing events, 200pax for seated ceremonies, 150pax for seated cuisine ensembles and 120pax when a dance floor is included. The venue provides ample space to transform marvellously and effortlessly evolves from catering to lavish weddings to private events and corporate launches.

The venue is constructed from a fortified clear PVC material and often incorporates products produced by the estate, including a diverse range of enticing olive oils and delicately infused balsamics. An extensive analysis of accessible accommodation surrounding the Ex Nihillo Estate is available for use.

The structure provides the much needed protection from the elements as well as presents itself as an untouched canvas, a mere 50 minutes from Cape Town, to be moulded for every extravagant affair.